Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Banks Islands - Gaua island (Santa Maria)

We all enjoyed the sailing north from Port Orly (NE tip of Santo) to the Banks Islands.  First stop Gaua Island (Santa Maria) at Lacona Bay SW corner.  The sail was fair and seas tame.  Departed 0630 hrs and arrived Lacona 1430hrs.  Chief Henry and family were out on canoes to meet the fleet.  7 yachts in total .  Simply Sensational were a couple of days ahead of us further north at Lusalava. From Lacona Bay we sailed north to Lusalava entering the anchorage through two Reef breaks.  Crystal clear water, wonderful calm anchorage. We unpacked much of the donated goods including 250 new school back packs to deliver to LusaLava primary school and trekked up to the school with head teacher Patricia. Greatfully receiving the back packs the children sang some beautiful songs to us to thank us.
We spent the afternoon washing hair and applying Head lice Gel on children and adults alike.  Alan attended to clinic issues of flu and joint problems etc.
We visited Jacobeth and Marks small village home, led by son Isaac situated on a high rocky cliff face with a vista view of more of the Banks Islands we will be heading for in the next day or so. Continuing on the bush trail to Jacobeths garden.  We ate watermelon and were gifted Paw Paw, shallots& Island cabbage.
A sad moment for Alan and I when visiting Lusalava at Chief William and Bessies village.  We learned that Chief William died in November last year.  We have visited them 3 years running and have been welcomed and loved each time.  We will remember him.

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